As a professional developer with ten years of professional WordPress experience, I cannot speak more highly of this platform. Its flexibility, simplicity, and extensibility make it a robust solution for many business owners, community leaders, and hobbyists.

Over 33% of all websites on the Internet run WordPress. There are millions of configurations available for your organization’s needs. There are free themes, cheap hosts, and developers that charge next-to-nothing, hoping for “exposure.”

At the price of FREE, it’s hard to argue! So why invest any money? I get this question periodically, so let’s look at three reasons to open your pocketbook.

WordPress is a time investment

Many people believe their website is a digital brochure to slap together. Place a bold headline on a sleek graphic, hit that publish button, and it’s time for lunch.

While the WordPress ecosystem is capable of such feats, it doesn’t offer robust design customization out of the box. You may find better support with a page-building service such as Squarespace or Wix.

WordPress also requires frequent updates and some technical know-how to keep it secure. These are skills that most can learn, but there can be a significant time investment in performing weekly security updates and identifying potential security risks.

WordPress experts follow best practices

About 15% of prospective clients select their cheapest option. I get it. Budgets are tight, and we have to squeeze every dime.

However, some of those prospects ping me several months later despite their initial sticker shock. Someone mishandled their project terribly! The new website has several fundamental technical flaws, it’s a hassle to update, and Google can’t properly search their content.

WordPress requires customization. It won’t fix mistakes on the coding level. It can’t organize content for you or optimize your architecture and navigation structures. Even some third-party themes and plugins can cause unexpected havoc.

Your website is your digital doorstep and often the first impression within your marketing strategy. Cutting corners creates lasting repercussions such as lost revenue, erosion of your reputation, and weeks of backlogged work. Skimping on your website redesign might cost you 2-5x more than if you had selected an expert who knows WordPress’ unique capabilities and challenges.

WordPress experts pay for themselves

When you hire an expert, expect a minimum return of 3x your initial investment. 

If your developer is focusing on Trendy Doodad™ instead of investigating into your top business priorities, they’re missing vital opportunities! Being proactive in the redesign process can produce increased revenue, reliable scalability, and flexible systems tailored to your needs.

An expert will have paid for their services by solving at least one of your expensive business problems. It’s likely one you didn’t know you had.

Invest a little more

A trustworthy WordPress expert is someone who visualizes your website’s potential with you and your organization. They have experience delivering a high-performing solution because they likely run a successful business of their own. Experts require proper compensation and are selective of the clients they serve. As your selected business partner, they want to see you succeed.

Pay for someone like that in your corner.

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