As a professional website developer with 10 years of professional experience using WordPress, I cannot speak more highly of this platform. Its flexibility, simplicity, and extendability make it a solid solution for many business owners and hobbyists. At the price of FREE, it’s hard to argue with it!

Over 25% of websites run WordPress which means you have tons of options to build your website. There are free themes, cheap hosts, and developers that work for near-nothing just for exposure. So why invest the time and money?

I get this question all the time. Lots of people think a website is just another graphic to slap together, but they’re missing the bigger picture here. Every third prospective client that opts for the cheaper option comes back several months later with a plea to unravel their expensive mess. Not only was it built incorrectly, it wasn’t built with them in mind at all.

Your website is your digital doorstep, just one tool in a larger arsenal that is your marketing strategy. Cutting corners here will have lasting repercussions such as lost sales, erosion of trust in your brand, and backlogged work for weeks. If your developer is focused on building Trendy Doodad and not digging into your top business priorities, don’t expect much of a return on your investment or a flexible website tailored to your needs. WordPress isn’t going to do those things for you out of the box.

When you hire an expert, you have an expected return of 2x or 3x your initial investment. They will have paid for their services by solving an Expensive Business Problem, maybe even one you didn’t know you had! The right WordPress expert is someone who understands the kind of results your digital doorstep is capable of producing for you and your business, probably because they run a successful business of their own.

Trust me, you wouldn’t work for exposure either.

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