Hello! Nice to meet you.

I'm Jamie Sanchez, principal of Curiouser. I started this one-woman studio in 2014 as a general WordPress shop, but now I specialize in visual identity design, website development, and digital strategy for communities with heart.

As a lifelong Chicagoan, I’m fairly pragmatic and embrace simplicity, honesty, and results in all things.

I’m a graphic designer, front-end developer, WordPress specialist, mentor, and coach. After many years of moonlighting for independents, non-profits, brick-and-mortar, and large corporations, it was time to strike out from full-time employment to focus on serving clients needs directly. Today, I collaborate with community coordinators, event professionals, and non-profits grow their audiences.

I know the challenges community coordinators face because I am one.

Several Chicago-based organizations rely on my marketing knowledge to support their bustling communities both online and off. I donate my Sundays to a variety of roles: founder and president of a nonprofit with a large Meetup group, designer and email marketer for an interactive arts festival, assistant for a co-working space, and advisor on several nonprofit committees.

WordPress is my weapon of choice. Did you know that it powers 25% of the internet?

WordPress became my primary arena for experimentation and I’ve designed, launched, and maintained hundreds of WordPress websites since 2006.

Yeah, that's a lot of things!

Outside of business, I really enjoy community spaces and study them in my spare time. When I'm not at my computer, I'm also interested in illustration, handlettering, and spending quality time with my corgi, Watson.
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